Hi, I’m Katrina,

I am passionate about helping Moms like you feel empowered in their lives and confident in their bodies.

My struggle with Diastasis recti put me on a mission to help other moms around the world avoid the pain and frustration I went through.

I felt abandoned, in pain and struggled to understand why I was left looking pregnant when my baby was 6 months whilst my friends bounced back to their pre-baby bodies.

Worst of all the doctors I trusted and relied on for advice gave me the wrong advice and exercises, making my Diastasis worse NOT better.

I don’t want you to go through the same frustration and pain I did. Let me help you with the knowledge and exercises that can really help make a difference in how you look and feel no matter how far Postpartum you are, so you can enjoy being a mom and get moving again.

Katrina’s programs provide a phenomenal core and all over workout while correcting diastasis recti, posture and hip issues. Her programs are well worth the minimal cost and she provides great support and feedback.

Theresa Sanford

Katrina is so encouraging and keeps you accountable in such a positive way. She is literally changing moms’ lives!

Kate Schlueter

Katrina is great and really knows what she is doing. She loves to help people which shows in her programs and support. I have learned and gained so much in just a couple weeks of doing her program!

Robin Grimm

This program has changed EVERYTHING for me. Katrina is a diastasis recti expert. Even if you don’t have diastasis recti this program is incredible for any postpartum body. Before I discovered the program I had given up on ever looking good again and I had just accepted that was the way I was going to be for the rest of my life. Now I have confidence in myself again and I feel stronger and healthier. Thank you, Katrina!

Michele Bowen

My Expertise

As a certified Postpartum corrective exercise specialist and posture specialist, I have helped thousands of moms around the world to regain a functional core.

I’m also part of an Inner Circle of Postpartum Exercise Specialist providers, so that I can continually learn the most up-to-date research on postpartum fitness.


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