Gain Confidence in Your Pelvic floor.
FACT 1 in 3 women will suffer from a Pelvic floor disorder in their lifetime

Do you ever find yourself struggling with bladder or bowel leaking, urinary frequency/urgency, pain with intimacy, pelvic pain, chronic constipation or pelvic pressure/prolapse?

Maybe you have Diastasis recti but finding that even though you are doing all the correct exercises your belly isn’t shifting …

Any of these could indicate a Pelvic floor dysfunction.

Not sure if you have Pelvic floor issues?

What Exactly is my Pelvic floor?

Your Pelvic floor muscles sit at the base of the pelvis and span the area from your pubic bone to your coccyx (tail bone) and between your sitz bones.

Pelvic floor symptoms

What symptoms may you experience with Pelvic floor dysfunction?

Are Kegels the answer?

Whilst they may help in some situations, it is very unlikely kegels alone will help, and in fact in some cases it may make things worse!

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